Affinic Technology is a consulting and software company to provide high performance optimization solutions and compiler toolchains for Open64 and LLVM based compilers on x86-64 and ARM platforms.

We also provide code debugging, tuning, porting, rewriting and other services to improve speed or size on all x86-64 and ARM platforms.


Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB/LLDB

Affinic Debugger GUI .aka. ADG, is a powerful graphic user interface(GUI) for GNU Debugger, GDB and LLVM Debugger, LLDB. It is available on Linux/Windows/Mac OSX.

Affinic Assembler for Windows

An x86/x86-64 assembler takes assembly source with DWARF debug information and generates corresponding in-object CodeView format sections in order to make the code debuggable in Visual Studio.


Affinic Technology provides comprehensive services like research, consulting, development, debugging, maintenance and support etc. We also have strong experience in optimizing code and porting programs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

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Press Release

Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB/LLDB 1.2.3 has released

Change log: 1. Change quick note view to resizable 2. Improve assembly debugging […]

Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB/LLDB 1.2.2 has released

Change Log: 1. Fix the background symbol collector 2. Add popping up window […]

Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB/LLDB 1.2.1 has released

ChangeLog: 1. Add cross reference framework 2. Add go to Definition context menu […]

Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB/LLDB 1.2.0 has released

Change Log: 1. Support loading source code in background 2. Support locale characters […]