Affinic Debugger for GDB/LLDB

Affinic Debugger, .aka. ADG, is designed to be your everyday graphical user interface (GUI) for various debuggers. This build is specifically targeted on GDB, the GNU debugger and LLDB, the LLVM debugger. With the graphical windows, ADG can unleash the full power of the debuggers you are using by viewing multiple information within one view and debugging with easily clicking.  ADG also provides an unique integrated command terminal for users to input debugger command directly to achieve any task you can do where you can do in text mode. ADG is available on Linux/Windows/Mac OS X.

The goal of Affinic Debugger focuses on providing the best debugging experience to any type of users. It tries to provide ultra fast speed with an intuitive interface to maneuver the code and extensive data to help analysis. ADG provides features other IDEs cannot do, such as a GDB/LLDB terminal, assembly debugging, remote debugging, disassemble, memory update and thread debugging etc. ADG is a growing product. You are welcome to provide your feedback to help it to be better and more powerful. Just send us an email.

Current Version[PAD]: 2.0.1

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Download Links*: 

Lite version is completely FREE to download, use and redistribute. It also works as Professional version for the first 30 days.

Download Affinic Debugger for Linux x86/x86-64 – Lite Version

Download Affinic Debugger for Windows – Lite Version

Download Affinic Debugger for Mac OS X – Lite Version

Professional version includes all features of ADG.

Download Affinic Debugger for Linux x86/x86-64 – Professional Version

Download Affinic Debugger for Windows – Professional Version

Download Affinic Debugger for Mac OS X – Professional Version

* You automatically agree with Affinic Technology End User License Agreement [EULA.TXT] if you download or use any portion of ADG packages. 

Key Features:

  • Direct access most of basic debugger operations from tool bars and menus
  • Debugger command line console to fully maneuver an debugger
  • Cursor -traced value printing provides the fast way to understand the code.
  • Best-in-class assembly level graphical debugging capability with multiple views of  register values, especially useful for debugging vector instructions.
  • Memory many historical data like program, argument, environment, breakpoint, commands etc.
  • Powerful dual-Mode symbol assist for auto completion on your console input
  • Cross platform design and bring unified experience for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X
  • Support CYGWIN path on Windows
  • The new kernel makes remote debugging can be interrupted.
  • Support GDB for not only x86/x86-64 but also for ARM and other compatible architectures
  • Thread View with easy thread switch combobox.
  • Support LLDB as the background debugger.
  • Display memory data with modification.
  • Assembly to binary conversion.

Version Comparison:

Feature Lite Pro
Directly terminal inputting NO YES
Symbol Assist for terminal inputting NO YES
Menu for assembly level debugging NO YES
Menu for remote debugging NO YES
Thread switching and monitoring NO YES
Thread locking operations NO YES
Debug programs having 20+ source files NO YES
Customer support NO YES
Memory Dump Dock Widget NO YES
Assembly Binary Conversion Dock Widget NO YES

Screenshot and Description:

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FAQ and Manual:

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Bug Report/Feature Request:

Please email us for bug reports and feature requests.

Download Previous Versions:

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Get Registration Code for Professional Version*:

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* Affinic Debugger registration is one time charge. The serial code will be valid permanently and it doesn’t require internet to activate. You will have free upgrade and lifetime email support with your purchase.
* ADG uses floating licensing. You can use the same code to register ADG on multiple machines. You only need to buy more than one licenses when more than one users run ADG concurrently.
* ADG 2.x version doesn’t share ADG 1.x license. Please purchase new license.
* Please visit the promotion page to see if there is any coupon that applies for you.