Affinic Assembler for Windows

Affinic Assembler is an x86/x86-64 assembler for Windows with the unique feature that takes GAS-syntax assembly source with DWARF debug information and generates corresponding CodeView format sections in object file in order to make the linked program debuggable in Visual Studio. This feature is good for Cygwin and MinGW users to port Linux code to Windows.

Affinic Assembler is based on Yasm so it also takes Yasm options. A copy of technology demo is provided to download in this webpage. It is FREE for all non-commercial uses. This program could be also integrated as the assembler of a new compiler for Windows. If you want to use it in commercial projects, please contact us for the detail.

The download link:

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The useful articles:

The example to use Affinic Assembler with MingGW