Affinic Debugger GUI for LLDB

Affinic Debugger GUI .aka. ADG, is designed as a graphical user interface for various debuggers. This version is specifically targeted on LLDB, the LLVM debugger. With the graphical windows, ADG can unleash the full power of  LLDB , by maneuvering debugger with easily clicking and integrated command console.  ADG for LLDB is mainly for Mac OSX. LLDB support is also available on Linux/Windows and fully integrated within every version of Affinic Debugger GUI. You can switch GDB/LLDB anytime you want.

Apple is removing GDB, the GNU debugger, from its development tool chain. From Xcode 5 and Mac OS X Maverick , LLDB will be the default platform debugger.  The goal of Affinic Debugger GUI for LLDB focuses on the best user debugging experience in migrating from GDB to LLDB. It tries to provide ultra fast speed with an intuitive interface to maneuver the code without using LLDB commands. ADG provides some unique features such as a LLDB command console, a GDB to LLDB bridge that implements GDB commands in LLDB. ADG for LLDB is currently under development and based on ADG for GDB. You are welcome to provide your feedback to help it to be better and more powerful. Just send us an email.

Download Links *:

* Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB supports both GDB and LLDB. You don’t need reinstall this version. Just change the debugger to be LLDB, your ADG will have all features for LLDB.

Key Features:

  • Direct access most of basic debugger operations from tool bars and menus
  • Debugger command line console to fully maneuver an debugger
  • Cursor -traced value printing provides the fast way to understand the code.
  • Memory many historical data like program, argument, environment, breakpoint, commands etc.
  • Powerful dual-Mode symbol assist for auto completion on your console input
  • Cross platform design and bring unified experience for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X
  • Support LLDB from version 179.5

Screenshot and Description:

Please click HERE to view screenshots and descriptions.

(Screenshots are based on ADB for GDB. LLDB will have the same GUI when it finishes)

Bug Report/Feature Request:

Please email us for bug reports and feature requests.